Edward II, his reign & his court



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That tumultuous period in English history which saw four kings, two royal depositions, the First & Second Scottish Wars of Independence, and the start of the Hundred Years War. This was an age of great political upheaval and development, of the power play of royal favourites and things generally good, bad and indifferent, that shaped our nation and culture, as much then, as today.

This is the official home of Stephen Spinks; author, columnist and blogger.

Fourteenthcenturyfiend.com pays particular  – but by no means exclusive – attention to the reign of Edward II. For me, I’m often found wrestling with the evidence, nose in a book or a manuscript, off visiting a castle, cathedral or battle site, so as to understand and get closer to Edward the man, his reign and the people of his court. Power play, the polarisation of politics and the drama played out through the royal & noble personalities of the time, are explored in detail both here and in my book ‘Edward II the Man: A Doomed Inheritance’, out now and published in hardback by Amberley. I am currently writing my second book, ‘Robert the Bruce: Champion of a Nation’ due out in autumn 2019.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Be sure to check out my blog, giving insight into the early fourteenth century. I also post a series entitled, ‘A Writer’s Journey’, where I share with great honesty, my tips, advice and the pitfalls of being a fledgling writer. I always welcome feedback from readers and supporters who make this journey so special.

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