Stephen Spinks is author of ‘Edward II the Man: A Doomed Inheritance’

Release date: 15 November 2017.

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Edward II is one of the most controversial kings of English history. He and the murdered Piers Gaveston were lovers, not merely ‘brothers-in-arms’. Influenced by royal favourites, Edward on numerous occasions brought England to the brink of civil war. His own wife took a lover and invaded his kingdom resulting in his forced abdication; the first in British history. The widely held tradition that the king was foully murdered with a red hot poker is a story of old but in fact untrue. Edward’s prevailing legacy is the understanding that all kings can fall.

And yet…war, debt and baronial oppression before 1307 ensured that Edward II inherited a toxic legacy that any successor would have found almost impossible to wrestle with. Stephen Spinks explores that legacy using a wide breadth of contemporary and later sources. By focusing on Edward’s early years as much as on the reign itself, and exploring the conflicting influences of those around him, Stephen shows the human side of this tale against a backdrop of political intrigues, betrayals and revenge. He peels back the layers and seven hundred years of opinion to reveal the man who wore the crown. Edward’s belief in his unchallenged right to rule, increasingly at odds with those at his court, and his undeniable thirst for revenge, creates a 14th-century tragedy on a grand scale.

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