STOP Press: Book II ~ Robert the Bruce: Champion of a Nation

I am delighted to announce that following the publication of my first book, a biography of Edward II in 2017, I have been offered and accepted a second publishing deal with Amberley Publishing.

‘Robert the Bruce: Champion of a Nation’ will be my second biography, this time focussing on the life, reign and reputation of Scotland’s fourteenth century national hero. The book is due for release in autumn 2019.

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce is a fascinating character, who despite all odds, claimed the throne of Scotland during the First Scottish Wars of Independence between England and Scotland, working hard to unify his kingdom, and then took the fight to the English. Despite the odds, the Bruce held out, secured international recognition for his rule and finally achieved Scottish independence from an aggressive England in 1328, dying a year later.

In this project, I am keen to explore his character and the myths that have grown up around him over the last 700 years, while ultimately understanding what his long lasting legacy was then, as much as now.


Stephen Spinks is author of ‘Edward II the Man: A Doomed Inheritance‘ available here at Waterstones  Amazon  Foyles  Amberley Publishing


Twitter: @Spinksstephen

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