A Writer’s Journey #1

So after a month of craziness, I finally bid my wonderful team at the National Trust in North Warwickshire a temporary, but nevertheless, three month farewell as I take extended leave to put much thought, hard work and a lot of determination no doubt into completing my book Edward II the Man: A Doomed Inheritance. There’s A LOT to do!

Support from my amazing team of 150 staff and nearly 900 volunteers, as well as countless colleagues, friends, family members, Twitter, Facebook, my blog followers and the odd stranger or two in an archive or three, has without doubt made this journey possible.

Someone asked me recently, why write now? I’m 35, been working for the National Trust for nine years and have a very busy, but equally rewarding day job.

The simple answer is I am fed up of being afraid. Afraid of having a go and putting down into words my interpretation of who Edward II was. Afraid of my inner critic, who has sat on my shoulder since I was a child and tells me frequently that it’s all a bit of a pipe dream and that anything I write couldn’t possibly be good enough for an audience. After years of dedicated research, debate and a whole lot of reading, and the odd bit of angst, I am both excited and delighted by this special journey. My inner critic has been firmly locked away, my research is organised and the road ahead is clearer than it has ever been. The time is now. I never quite thought I would be on this road, but now I am, I don’t want to leave it and so I hope you all enjoy the on-going journey with me.


One of my amazing friends, Emma Dwan O’Reilly, shared her pearls of wisdom over the last month…she’s a great writer to. Today’s little gem of advice for getting the book written is the best so far…forever captured on the side of my new mug Emma bought me.*

She knows me so well.

* does not apply to Twitter , blog and Facebook friends; bringers of tea, Oreo’s, M&Ms and wine makers (not necessarily in that order).


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Twitter: @SpinksStephen

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